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A “Welcome” from Monica

In my time as a traveling author and speaker, I have met many women who love the Lord and desire to be used of Him, but have difficulty when it comes to getting in front of an audience. I have also met women who have excellent speaking skills but do not how to prepare a message or outline for a speaking engagement.Regardless of how much training or lack of training that you have, this book will be an excellent help to you in ministry!

Talking is a Gift is a much needed resource for today’s Christian woman leader. Learning how to communicate effectively should be an ongoing, lifetime pursuit. It is essential for an effective women’s ministry. This book is designed to train women’s ministry leaders, as well as, future Christian women leaders to share God’s unchanging Word effectively and learn how to present Truth passionately. The ultimate goal behind speaking effectively is for women to come to know Christ and grow in spiritual maturity. 

I hope that you find a wealth of resources for your personal walk and you public ministry in this book! 

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